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This website contains information on the Vachaparambil Family, whose origins can be traced back to 17th Century from Kerala in India, as well as different branches of the family, with descriptions of our ancestors and relatives. It also inclusive of family history, genealogy, family calendar, photo albums, discussion board etc. Our mission is to help family and relatives to be informed about our heritage and ancestry. If you are related to Vachaparambil Family and not yet have a MemberID, please Sign Up here. Let us keep connected!  

Vachaparambil Family History

As we the members of the Vachaparambil family are getting migrated around the globe, we grow up to curiosity to know of their family lineage & more so the younger generations. Very minimal information on the founding of the Vachaparambil family in Pulincunnoo, Alapuzha dist of Kerala, India as is available today must be good starting point.

St. Thomas, the disciple of Jesus Christ who came to India in 52 AD, landed in the port town of Kodungalloor and established a Christian community there. The first conversions happened in around this area and hence our family had its beginnings to Kodungalloor. As anyone open to change in oneself is more hardworking and prosperous in today’s world, so also the case along the history of mankind. The then Christians who accepted a change adopting to a new belief were much hard working and hence prosperous. For whatsoever reason, the some of the Christians further migrated to other parts of Kerala from Kodungalloor in the early part of the 9th Century.

To trace the ancestry of Vachaparambil family, the senior most we could trace up to is  Mr. Kuncheria from Maliackal family of Chengalam in the present Kottayam district of Kerala, India. He  came to Kuttanad in AD 1760 and settled down in Pulincunnoo. Mr. Kuncheria began his career as a marchant, but later finding farming more profitable, took up agriculture. The rich harvest brought fame and wealth. Mr. Kuncheria was God fearing, very sincere and hard working man with was very pleasing personality. His humble and gentle nature impressed people and others. He married a rich heiress from the ancient Pazhayachirayil family.

They were blessed with four children – sons, Chacko, Mathen, Kuncheria and daughter, Mariamma.

Kuncheria's second son Mathen known as 'Mathan the senior', married Kunjandamma, the only daughter of Chacko, Chothirakunnel (Polayil) Punnakunnam. He, Sr. Mathen laid the foundation of the famous & large Vachaparambil family.

His children and their descendants are the members of the Vachaparambil Family.

Senior Mr. Mathen & Mrs Kunjandamma had Three sons Mr. Chacko Jr., Mr. Kuncheria Jr (Pappy) . and Mr. Mathen Jr. and a daughter Mrs Eliamma. Eliamma was married to Thommy Tharakan, Edoor, Vaipoor. They were childless.

Chacko the eldest son of Mathen the senior, married Chechamma from Vazhathopil Alleppey. These couples also were childless.

Kuncheria (Pappy) the second son of Mathen, the seniour, married Chechamma the daughter of Kurian, Thoppil, Veliyanad. They settled down at Pattam to establish the Pattam branch of the Vachaparambil family. They were blessed with  Four sons and Four daughters. 

Mathen the junior, the third son of Mathen the senior married Mariamma the daughter of Mathulla Neduveli (Naduvilekalam) and they were blessed with Ten sons and Two daughters.